motto of a company

“To be the best company in the field with most reliable
with dream technology and dream future”

Our Samjin Tube is a company specialized in manufacturing heat-shrinkable tube that used to protect insulation, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and oil-resistant of Wire Harness in electrical, electronics, telecommunications and the automotive industry

Samjin Tube is a company that has been established by the best experts in the field based on its abundant experience and technology, dig a well in a heat-shrinkable tube for a long time and obtained a quality environmental management system and UL certification.

Along with "Q-More Best, C-More Cost, D-More Fast, S-More Cast" management goal, we are concentrate on product quality driving force by in line with customer’s eye level and listening to customer’s voice

We, Samjin Tube with a desirable practice built a partnership and adopted new methods for new technology and new construction to continuing to launch new products, explore new markets and create new customers

The original and differentiated technology and trust in manufacturing heat-shrinkable tubes, with a sharing system of Tech-knowledge Power with our customers, we have been recognized as "the best company to be trusted"

By focusing on customers' expectations and requirements, we will continue to grow together with our customers with the mission of "Samjin Tube, which first prioritized in customer value creation and customer satisfaction" to be the driving force of customers’ win-win management. “Company will do the best in every tasks, make the right direction and make excellent choice and concentration".

CEO Lee Sang Dok

Management Philosophy

경영은 원리이고 관리는 원칙이다

The motto of a company

We rather than me. Ahead of others.

One Mind • One Meaning • One Target • One Direction

[ Vision ] rationalization

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